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Make $175 per sale with MoreNiche!

Micfo - Best Web Hosting!!

Make $175 per sale at MoreNiche! Find free beginner guides to get you started, free website designs, a free easy to use web design program, a huge forum with proven strategies, 100's of articles and more. MoreNiche makes it easy to earn thousands per month, your first month! Click Here To Join Now

Get Rich By Creating Multiple Income Streams

Create multiple income streams online and retire early

Many an affiliate marketer's dream is to make money without working.

This is possible by building multiple income streams that bring you sales day in-day out.

Of course, before you can create multiple streams of income online, you have to first learn how to make money online. Once you build your first website (whether with a free blog at Wordpress or HTML site), you will need to study your niche (e.g. by reading the free articles at MoreNiche), add articles to your site, and send clicks to the affiliate program to start making sales.

Molding your income stream: Use ClickTale to see what your visitors are doing at your site and also to improve your website conversion. Add Google Analytics to your site too for more in depth website statistics.

Once you learn the basics of affiliate marketing, you will start seeing what works and what does not work. Use what works to further improve your site conversion (amount of products you sell compared to how many people visit your site), and use your skills to make your next site earn money even faster than the first!

Niche websites = Multiple income streams

When your site is making money, and all you have to do is increase the traffic to it, you will have an income stream. Try to duplicate this site with another domain and add articles on different topics to it. Pick a general term and search for more keywords (this is called keyword research) using a free tool like Google Keyword Tool

Building income streams to earn a fortune online

For example, lets say you Join MoreNiche, decide to promote their high paying Proactol weight loss pill product (which is clinically proven and a top seller). You search 'weight loss' in the Google Tool (with synonyms box checked) and in the bottom section it gives you general alternative terms like 'lose weight' and 'burn fat'.

You could then search these general terms in the tool and get specific variations of these general keywords. Then you make a site like '' and make each page based on a keyword variation like 'weight loss pills' or 'natural weight loss' . Simply rewrite a free article from MoreNiche for the content of that article.

create passive income streamsThis will make your site look to the search engines like a hub for all things 'weight loss' and as you direct this traffic (through links on each article page) to your product review page, you will make more sales and create a powerful income stream.

Since the keywords you are choosing to make pages on are not extremely popular or competitive terms, with a few outside links to each page, the page can stay ranked in the search engines for a long time bring your steady traffic and sales for years to come.

Now repeat this with another domain, pick another niche, do the same and soon you will create multiple income streams and have thousands of dollars coming in every month.

Create multiple income streams with
the best affiliate programs today

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